If you have a car, you are legally obliges to conclude a liability insurance (WA - insurance).

This insurance covers the damage of others which you cause with the car. Because the car is a valuable possession, you can insure also the damage to your own car.

That is possible by concluding a limited or a broad hull insurance.

This insurance covers the liability of the owner, the driver and/or the passengers by a particularly called motorvehicle caused damage. Damage to the motorvehicle itself or dealt to the driver has been excluded. The disadvantaged third has direct claim-right on Wam-insurer.

Limited Hull Insurance

A Limited Hull Insurance are of the denominations which are used for the insurance of a motorvehicle.

This insurance covers:
• the risk of liability for damage which you deal with a motorvehicle to others.
This cover is legally obliges.
• Damage to the motorvehicle as a result of certain events named in the the policy.

Complete Hull Insurance

• The complete Hull Insurance.

This insurance covers damage to insured the car as a result of collision, turning over, slipping or any other of outside coming misfortune such as fire, lightningimpact, hail damage, robbery and storm.

The complete hull insurance is especially intended for young cars.
• The limited hull insurance.

This insurance covers damage to the motorvehicle as a result of particularly in the policy defined event, such as fire, lightning impact, hail damage, robbery, storm, collision with walking about animals and glass window crack.